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Bio-Innovations in Translational Immunology and Applied Microbiology (BITIAM) is a high quality peer-reviewed journal devoted to the publication of original research papers in the framework of smart innovations in Immunology and Applied Microbiology and its broad range of applications. The aim of the editors is to obtain and facilitate the effective cooperation of specialists towards the production of authoritative surveys. Our ambition is to deliver public and patient benefit by identifying both the causes of disease and novel treatment strategies. We aim to implement a unique ”synapse to society” translational pipeline to deliver an integrated strategically focused research programs. Promoting health and well-being by seeking to tackle the major public health issues within society today.

  • Clinical studies with relevance to autoimmunity transplantation and tumor immunotherapy;

  • Infection and immunity – correlates of protection;

  • Pathogenesis and correlates of protection for infectious disease

  • Cutting edge approaches including in vivo models of human disease that shed light on the mechanisms of immunity.

Meet Our Team

Simona Ivana
Simona IvanaEditor-in-Chief
National Institute for Economic Research “Costin C. Kirițescu” (INCE), Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania
Nicolae Starciuc
Nicolae StarciucAssociate Editor
State Agrarian University of Moldova (SAUM), Chișinău, Republic of Moldova
Delia Costache
Delia CostacheEditor
Faculty of Medicine, Transilvania University of Brașov, Romania/ Codlea Hospital, Brașov, Romania
Cristea Costache
Cristea CostacheEditor
Faculty of Medicine, Transilvania University of Brașov, Romania/ Codlea Hospital, Brașov, Romania
Ioana Irinel Popescu
Ioana Irinel PopescuEditorial Manager
National University of Arts, Graphic Arts Department, Bucharest, Romania

The main topics of the journal are:

  • Innovations in Translational Immunology and Applied Microbiology;

  • Vaccines Development;

  • Immune Tolerance;

  • Autoimmunity;

  • Microbial Diseases;

  • Microbial Immunopathology;

  • Antibiotics Resistance;

  • Genomics and Proteomics;

  • Animal Health;

  • Biodefense;

  • Biotransformation and Biodegradation;

  • Bioremediation;

  • Bacteriology;

  • Mycology;

  • Virology

  • Public Health Microbiology;

  • Prebiotics and Probiotics and Intestinal Microbiology; ;

  • Food Microbiology;

  • Water Microbiology;

  • Disease Therapy.

Types of paper/ BITIAM publishes:

  • Original Research Papers;

  • Review Articles;

  • Short Communications;

  • Research Project, Patent or Book Reviews;

  • Resident Researchers Articles;

  • Letters;

  • Science and Society Articles;

  • Spotlights;

  • Scientific Life;

  • News Articles;

  • Feature Articles;

  • Correspondence from Readers;

  • Forum Articles;

  • Historical perspectives;